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What is Footgolf?
You will complete each hole, kicking the football into the oversized golf cup using your feet. The aim is to complete each hole using as few shots as possible. The winner is the one who used the least shots to complete the 18 hole course.
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How long does it take to play?
the average round takes approximately 1-2 hours walking between holes, however you can run between shots and this will speed up your game, and test your fitness.
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Who can play?
The great thing about footgolf is anyone can play it and its suitable for all ages.
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When can I play?
Footgolf is available every day 9am until Dusk, with the last tee-time an hour and a half before dusk.
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Do I need any equipment?
All you need is yourself and a football, you can bring your own or hire one from us. You are welcome to wear your football boots. No metal studs. Mouldies only.
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Do I need special footwear?
We recommend using trainers or astroturf style boots. No metal studs. Mouldies only.
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Can I bring my own ball?
Yes or there are balls available to hire for £2
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How difficult is footgolf?
Footgolf is an easy game to pickup, with most people having played football at some point negotiating the course is a lot easier than the technical aspects of using traditional golf clubs.
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What is the dresscode?
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suitable to kick a football.
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Can I play footgolf in the rain?
Yes. Footgolf is playable in all weathers we recommend you are sensible and dress accordingly.
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Do I need to have footgolf lessons or have played footgolf before?
No. Anyone can play footgolf. If you are a footballer it will do you good.

There’s no need for lessons or clubs, or to have had prior footgolf experience just get a ball and start kicking. Great for families, friends and events. See what you’ve got teeing off on the long fairways of our 69 par course.
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LEAVE NO TRACE - Please remember to take all your belongings with you & use the bins across the course for any rubbish.
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