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COVID-19 Regulations

Play Safe – Stay Safe - COVID-19 Regulations

We also recognise that Covid is still with us and therefore some sensible and practical precautions are required to ensure all footgolfers can enjoy their sport in a safe and controlled environment, whilst still enjoying all the mental and physical health benefits to support their wellbeing. Playing at Newtownabbey Footgolf is undertaken entirely at the players own risk.

Maintain 2m social distance from other footgolfers or staff at all times (including at check-in).

Pre – book tee times and pay contactless where possible, where cash is used staff wash hands or use sanitizer if too busy to leave desk after each transaction.

To avoid contamination Do not touch anything on the course including flags and other equipment

Wash or sanitise your hands and your football regularly

Beware of cross contamination. Don’t exchange equipment, food, and drink between players.

To access the course, a player should not have

- been out of the country for over 14 days
- Not be in self-isolation and not required to cocoon
- Not be displaying Covid symptoms

Bins emptied on a regular basis.
Toilets are regularly checked by staff to make sure clean and stocked. Toilets will be checked by female and male members of staff.

Arrive shortly before your time (try not to be late or hang around afterwards)
This Is to try and avoid groups in club house and waiting areas.

On arrival collect score card & pencil from customer service desk.
Customers keep the pencils they use. Staff give each customer a score card to decrease risk of infection.

Slip on impact when kicking the Football
Teeing area checked by staff in wet conditions and moved to area that is more conducive to striking a football. Players are advised to wear appropriate footwear.

Struck by ball in motion
Players reminded to not move ahead or advance before all have played.

Muscle Strain
Players advised to warm up prior to play. Injured players advised not play.

Ball in tree
Clear signage at club to warn of risk and told to get a replacement ball from the customer service desk. Customers are asked not to climb any of the trees or electricity pylons on Newtownabbey Footgolf Course.

Ball in water
Scoop/hose pipe in place to retrieve footballs. Customers advised to go back to customer service desk to get a new ball.

Golf Course Condition
Condition regularly checked and assessed by staff
LEAVE NO TRACE - Please remember to take all your belongings with you & use the bins across the course for any rubbish.
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